Certified Security Officer – PROFESSIONAL LEVEL I – EXAMS


Most of the security officers in countries without special law about security licensing, does not have a special education about this so demanding job.

In many of these cases, the security officers they do get a proper training by the security companies they work, but the certificate they get (many times they don’t get any), is issued by a security services provider and not by an education provider.

CRT5 covers this gap and offers exams for those they do have the necessary level of knowledge that this job requires, or a high level course for those they aren’t able to pass the exams or they don’t want to try even.

We will suggest you to try the test. If you are an experienced officer, take the test. The cost it is very low anyway.

If you pass, automatically you will get your Certificate, issued and signed by the International Security Organization – ISO KLG (ISO-SEC) – Switzerland.

If not, you can take the one or more of the accredited courses that you can find in our list.


In this point we would like to clear that the courses of CRT5 created by independent schools, institutes and teachers.

For us the point is to certify your skills and your knowledge.

Course Content

Total learning: / 1 quiz Time: 10 weeks
  • Exams  Are you a security operative? Then for sure, most of the questions are familiar to you. 0/1

  • You didn't pass the quiz?  You didn't pass the quiz? Can happen to anyone. You can take the quiz again, or you can take the suggested course 0/0

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